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New posts

fafa salmi

audio files
I m looking for easy video files about holidays, could you help me ,please?

24 Sep 2016

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Looking for PENFRIENDS!
Hello dear colleagues!
It s been a lot since I wrote in this website last, I was concentrated on my two little boys! :)
Now that I m back to work, I m looking for some penfriends for my Italian 5th graders. They are 20, but I have other colleagues interested in the project: there are 48 pupils in a school and 15 in other one.
If you are (seriously) interested, please contact me... THANKS!!

24 Sep 2016

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Maybe Poland ... again ! ;)

24 Sep 2016

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Online quizzes
Dear teachers
this is a great site for you:
where you can create online classes and online quizzes.
It does the evaluation and the statistics for you
And it s free.  
Have a nice day.

24 Sep 2016

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Great site!
Thx for sharing.

24 Sep 2016

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Pronunciation Dipthongs Symboils
Looking for Pronunciation Exercise for 17 Year Olds.

23 Sep 2016


You could also try working with songs (work especially on rhymes) or use tongue twisters. 

24 Sep 2016

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Song for the passive voice
Please can you suggest a song to be used in the passive voice? The ages of my students are 12-14. Maybe could be a song in which they can change from the active to the passive  or vice versa.
Thanks in advance  
PD. Running out of ideas :( 

23 Sep 2016

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Here are some more suggestions:

24 Sep 2016

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Succeed in English 3
I m currently working on Creature cures but I can t find the unit 3 of Succeed in English 3 and the audio files + documents pdf for the whole unit. Can anyone share it with me.
In advance thanks

23 Sep 2016


23 Sep 2016

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Great resource
Great resource! (Beware: they say it s addictive!:)
Just type in a phrase and you ll see movie clips with it

23 Sep 2016

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Thanks for sharing this. I think it will be very useful. I have to find access to Facebook so I can register.

24 Sep 2016

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The "AP" in secondary schools
Dear French Colleagues
Do you do what we call " AP" in our French schools ? What do you do ? Could you share some ideas or other documents, except the official ones ? I m just becoming crazy with that !!!! 
Thanks so much
Have a nice day 

22 Sep 2016

...There are 6 previous answers...


It s not necessary to drive you crazy with that. Just do what you ve always been doing: Help your pupils when they need it.

In my school AP is included in the lessons so we rather do methodology like How to learn a lesson? / to use a dictionary?/ Understand instructions etc........

Any time I start working on a compétence I give them some tips to improve it.

24 Sep 2016

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sport vs sporting
Good evening dear colleagues!
Could you help me, please. I am a bit puzzled with these two words. Which is correct: sport events or sporting events? Maybe they both mean the same? 
Thank you
Best regards:) 

22 Sep 2016


Hi sadbird
Both are ok
I did a quick google and I found sport events, sports events and sporting events.
Sporting events sounds more formal and is preferred for written forms.  Sport (UK) / sports (US) events is fine for everyday conversation.
Hope this helps.

24 Sep 2016

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Caption Contest, September 22
Thank you, EwelinaEwelina, for choosing my caption, I feel honored! :)
So, folks, here s a new pic, please spare a few minutes to post the wackiest and funniest caption you can think of.

22 Sep 2016

...There are 14 previous answers...


WoW!  This is one eggceptionally punny post! I so love pun fun!!!
Lots of eggcellent puns here. Hats off to karagozian for her eggseptional take on the famous Beatles song - love it!
Cunliffe: Heres my great hendeavour
Eggbert, while eggcitedly peddling down Eggwardian Street, is eggstatic and hoping that his recently hatched eggzemplary eggsperiment of putting all his eggs in one basket, all so he can have an eggstravagant lunch with Meggan (whom, BTW, he begged and begged, after "illeggally" poaching her from Deggster), will not eggsplode resulting in a fry-day on that very Friday, and lots of egg on his face. Eggbert, it boils down to one thing - its a cracking big whisk youre taking!

24 Sep 2016

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New lessons

If, That, When or Because
This review game was made to further help students understand both the difference between and the various uses of the words IF, THAT, WHEN and BECAUSE.
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
Downloads: 36

Self-Introduction, to be, adjectives
Self-introduction card, "to be" verb conjuration chart and adjectives. Have a nice weekend! :)
Level: elementary
Age: 7-12
Downloads: 32

Presentational Devices
KS3, Functional skills reading and writing
Level: elementary
Age: 11-14
Downloads: 6

Writing Tips Part 1
Different ways that you can teach your students to write long sentences ... I totally appreciate your opinion ...
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-100
Downloads: 76

Comparative and Superlative Game with sounds
Comparative and Superlative game with sound
Level: elementary
Age: 7-100
Downloads: 57

Leisure - three speaking activities
This powerpoint is about leisure and it features three different slides with three different conversation topics related to it. The students are given three different leisure related situations and have to talk with a classmate about those situations. They are given useful expressions and phrases to help them talk to one another. The template fo...
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-100
Downloads: 14

Lets work quietly
Lets work quietly
Level: elementary
Age: 7-11
Downloads: 4

Colors and colored faces emotions
basic colors,, with facial/emotions in colors kids loved it.. i used thi for my toddler students and they loved it
Level: elementary
Age: 3-12
Downloads: 6

Ordering At KFC/ CHina
our school asked to teach ordering something at KFC.. ad since i dont like to use all kfc pics,, i tried it in diff. pics
Level: elementary
Age: 3-11
Downloads: 6

Writing Tips Part 2
Teach how to form long sentences using simile or using a new structure ... Your opinion please
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-17
Downloads: 68