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Best option with using a clause with "although"
Hello everybody,
I have this sentence to rewrite using "Although"  - I like to go to bed late, but it is difficult to get up early in the morning. 
What is the best option:
- Although I like to go to bed early, it is difficult to get up early in the morning.  
- Although it is difficult to get up early in the morning, I like to go to bed late. 
Thanks in advance for all your help. 
Have a great Sunday. 
Scoutteach (The teacher who is also a scouts leader) 

28 May 2017

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Thank you Bruce for your help. This example is driving me completely nuts, so I am so sorry for switching the words. Thanks once again. 

28 May 2017

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Picture Caption Competition winner!

Hello again!

I ´m sorry you had to wait so long, last week was more than just busy, it was crazy!

Anyway, there were more candidates for the caption competition winner, but of course, I have to choose one.

And the winner iiiis.....

Have a great Sunday!

28 May 2017

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I ´m at my wits´ end... but what about them?
Dear colleagues,
I hope some of you could help me out here. I ´m writing a short text and I want to use the idiom ´at my wits´ end ´, only not with the subject ´I ´ but with ´the police ´. Now, I know ´the police ´ is seen as a plural form, so I was wondering if the noun also takes the plural  in agreement with the subject.
In other words, which one is correct:
1) The police are at their wits´ end.
2) The police are at their wits´ ends. 
Many thanks for a clear justified answer. 

27 May 2017

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thanks a lot for all your replies. I think I ´m going for my intuition and follow Cunliffe ´s advice. For some reason, even though it may be grammatically correct, ´at their wits ´ ends ´ just doesn ´t right to me. My friend google offers both possibilities and since I have to teach British English, I ´ll go for the Britons ´ advice here. Sorry, Yanogator and Redcamarocruiser. I hope you ´re not offended.

28 May 2017

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United States

Games for children to move (kindergarten, primary)

Are you ready, monster? – Clothes

All 4 corners of your classroom are “save areas”. The students stand in the middle of the room.One student is the monster. All the others make a circle around him.

They ask the monster: “Are you ready, monster?”

The student answers: “No, I have to put my xyz  (t-shirt, trousers, socks,….) on.” and is acting as if he puts on the piece of clothing. The others then repeat the question.

But if the monster says: “Yes, I’m ready now!”, he tries to catch one of the students before they can reach one of the save areas.

Now, there are 2 ways you can play this.

The child that got tagged is the new monster. Or the tagged children are out and the last one standing gets to be the new monster.

May I? – Colours

The classroom is divided into 3 parts. The children stand on one side of the classroom. In the middle is a “street” (you can just keep it imaginary or draw  lines on the floor that show a street, that the kids have to cross) and on the other side stands a monster which is guarding its candy.

The children try to get across the street to get the candy from the monster. But of course the monster doesn’t want to share. It does like colours a lot though, too. So it might let you pass, if you wear a certain colour today!

The children ask: “Monster, monster, may I cross the street to eat your candy?”

The monster answers: “It will be good for you, if you are wearing green (blue, red etc).”

The children who wear this colour, can cross the street savely. Those who aren’t wearing the colour have to run as fast as they can, because the monster will try to tag them.

The kids that were tagged will become monsters themselves. In the next game there will be more than 1 monster then and the game gets harder.

The game is over once every child became a monster.

Days of the week / Months

For this game you need a ball (or several balls, depending on how many groups you have).

You divide the class into groups of 7 players each. Each player gets assigned the name of another day of the week.

The first player throws the ball against the ground as hard as possible, so that it bounces high into the air.

At the same time he calls out a day of the week, for example “Friday”.

The child with the name of the day must try to catch it. If he or she misses the ball, everyone has to run away as fast as they can, because now “Friday” will grab the ball and try to hit one of the players with it. If “Friday” hits somebody, then that person is out. If he or she can’t hit anyone, he or she is out.

You can play this game also in groups of 12 and with the names of the months.

(taken from

What kind of games do you play in your classroom to get the kids out of the chair? ( especially if the classroom isn ´t very big)

27 May 2017

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I need help!
Hi everybody! I have a problem. Yesterday I uploaded a worksheet and today, when I logged in, I saw that it was downloaded by 25 people but I didn ´t get the points. How can I solve this? Thanks a lot!!! 

26 May 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...

United Kingdom

I totally agree with maryse peyr!! It is a good idea to read the rules before you upload a worksheet. It is surprising that after uploading so many worksheets, you have no idea how the point system works!! Be patient as you will get your points.

27 May 2017

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Double dose?
Here in Brazil, in many bars when you buy a beer you get another for free (on weekdays, normally in the afternoon)
We say it ´s "double dose of beer".
Is there anything similar in your speaking english countries?
If yes, what is it called? If not, how would you say that?

26 May 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...


Yes in the US we have "Happy Hours" where the second drink is free.  I see that popping up here in Peru as well.

27 May 2017

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A textbook for primary school students
Hello there, Could you please help me choose a good textbook for primary school Moroccan students, aged 7 to 12, learning English as a foreign language? Thanks for your help. Kons

26 May 2017

...There are 2 previous answers...


Thanks for your responses.

28 May 2017

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The doctor _____ examination.
I undergo|have a medical examination. That ´s ok.
 The doctor _____ a medical examination.
Would it be: performs, gives, administer?
Thanks in advance. 

25 May 2017

...There are 5 previous answers...



26 May 2017

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Help with an online exercise
Hi everyone. I made an online exercise and I published it (it is pending of approval) and my version it is not the same than the one I can see online at the link. There ´s an extra part that it shouldn ´t be there. Does anybody know how can I correct it or just delete that wrong exercise? Thanks a lot!!

25 May 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...


Thanks a lot. I tried it and I wrote what you suggested. I hope I ´ll be deleted to do it again. Thanks!!!

26 May 2017

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United States

Counting Fish Activity
Hey Everyone! 
I have been pretty busy lately preparing summer themed activities for my young ESL learners. There are quite a few fun themes I have to prepare for summer camps and other courses. These involve things like animals, traveling, camping, and farm life. I just made some fun basic activities with an ocean theme and thought I would share them here.
I have been practicing basic counting skills with my kindergarten students and developed a set of cards that work very well for practicing very low numbers. My kids get to practice each number by identifying the character, word, writing it, and then drawing that number of sea animals. These seem to be working very well in my classroom. Hope this can be helpful for any other ESL kindy teachers out there. 

25 May 2017

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27 May 2017

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exercise genitive
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Researchers have uncovered how flamingos can stand on one leg for hours. This is a Ppt related to the article from Breaking News English. Listening material can be downloaded. Link on the last slide of the Ppt. Enjoy!
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